Wednesday 14 November 2018
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Fish and chips under threat from plastic-clogged seas, UK charity warns
Trudeau says Canada to work with China on eventual free trade deal
Indonesia posts larger-than-expected trade deficit in October
American Airlines unaware of some Boeing 737 MAX functions until last week - spokesman
American Airlines unaware of some Boeing 737 MAX functions until last week: spokesman,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE09W,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE086,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE09Z
Putin, Abe agree to speed talks over 70-year-old island dispute
Man jailed and fined for importing 4,560 sachets of chewing tobacco
US lawmaker says Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself
Trudeau says Canada to work with China on eventual free trade deal
Beijing sends written response to Washington trade reform demands: US govt sources
Social enterprise restaurant offers Hong Kong’s senior citizens job opportunities – and dishes up new careers
PSLE results to be released on Nov 22 from Posting results will be released on Dec 19
Najib living in a different universe , says Malaysia Finance minister
Japanese, South Korean trawlers collide in Sea of Japan, 13 rescued: Yonhap
Jury clears J J of liability in California talc cancer case
Crater bigger than Paris is discovered under Greenland ice
Trump aide Ricardel forced out after showdown with first lady
Watch: Woman blows up wedding dress to celebrate her divorce
Scoot to relocate from Changi Airport s T2 to T1 in late 2019
Malaysian CEO Nazrin received death threat before murder,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE06R
Duterte defends need to power nap after summit no-shows
PSLE results to be released next Thursday
Macron’s response to Trump: ‘I do not do policy or diplomacy by tweets’
Pence says empire and aggression have no place in Indo-Pacific
PSLE results to be released next Thursday from 11am,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE066,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE067,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE06A,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE068,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE069
Trio have $1,755 meal at Michelin-starred restaurant, including $20 each for mineral water
For a woman in China, online shopping comes first before surgery
NUS ranked No. 10 in global poll that ranks universities on graduate employability
Microsoft ties progress on diversity to how much it pays workers
Singapore Airlines finds premium economy a tougher sell on new non-stop US flights
US Vice-President Pence says empire and aggression have no place in Indo-Pacific
Indonesian President Joko Widodo attracts large crowd at Lucky Plaza
Euro, pound firmer after Brexit deal but broader concerns support dollar
Ethiopia s former deputy intelligence chief arrested: attorney general
Delay, deny and deflect: How Facebook’s leaders fought through crisis
Pregnant women need to reconsider ‘eating for two’ according to study which finds link between weight gain and diabetes and obesity in children,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE05K,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE05J
Monkey kills 12-day-old Indian baby
Students in China lash back at university for food delivery ban
Allies owe each other respect, Macron says of Trump tweets
Abolishing of death penalty is collective decision by Malaysia s Cabinet: Minister
Proxy advisory firm ISS recommends for all Third Point nominees at Campbell
U.S. s Pompeo to meet incoming Mexican foreign minister on Thursday
5-year-old British boy with cancer says sorry to mum before dying in her arms
Search on for over 100 missing after California wildfires
Marie Antoinette pendant fetches $49m, shattering estimate,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE04P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE04S
Woman survives fall into sinkhole in China
General Electric pulls out of Nigeria rail concession
Drink that warmed World War I soldiers makes last stand in India
Food delivery service What To Eat owner missing, F B outlets fume
Waterloo Apartments sold for S$131.1m
Monkey kills 12-day-old baby in India
Durian prices fall due to low customer numbers, expected to dip further,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE04D
After back-to-back talks, leaders tuck into dishes inspired by local delicacies
From fugitive to governor, a Peruvian mining foe rises again
Several high-profile funds raised stakes in GE before selloff: filings
U.S. oil prices resume decline as oversupply worries drag
U.S. carriers join up in East Asia for complex warfare drills
Asia edges up as oil slide pound, euro firm on Brexit optimism
PG E rout may be hitting hedge funds after raised bets before fire
Japan considers scrapping age limit on U.S. beef imports - reports
U.S. returns Bells of Balangiga to Philippines a century after clash
Asia edges up as oil slide pound, euro firm on Brexit optimism,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE03F,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE02S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE03L,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE03S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE03U
School timetable sets off Dr Mahathir’s plan to overhaul education system
Sats officer who fell sick after consuming food from Spize restaurant has died
mahathir - conferment,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE00C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE033
Chinese university ‘rethinking’ checks on students’ electronic devices after privacy complaints
Jokowi challenger plans Singapore-like low taxes for Indonesia
DUP leader makes UK PM May aware of concerns in a frank meeting
In APEC host Papua New Guinea, China and the West grapple over strategic port
In APEC host Papua New Guinea, China and the West grapple over strategic port
Exclusive: China Inc s mounting stress: funding woes, shrinking profit growth and a trade war
Factbox: What draft Brexit deal says of Irish border and contested backstop
China appears to relax North Korea sanctions - report to U.S. Congress
China appears to relax North Korea sanctions: report to U.S. Congress
U.S. lawmaker says Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself
Food delivery service owner missing, F B outlets fume,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD23L,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD24Z,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD258,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD252,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD24Q,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD25B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD25C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD25D
PAS women’s wing says marital rape a ‘liberal’ concept,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD23Z
Walmart s LatAm delivery app Cornershop eyeing Canada and U.S
Lockheed gets interim payment for first multi-year F-35 contract: Pentagon
Exclusive: China sends written response to U.S. trade reform demands - sources
U.S. Postal Service loss triples, even as package deliveries rise
TODAY s morning brief for Thursday, Nov 15
Top stories from The Straits Times on Thursday, Nov 15
Berkshire invests in JPMorgan, Oracle as Buffett puts cash to work
Suncor CEO to retire next year, be replaced by COO
Fight against Islamic State in last Syria stronghold may end soon: U.S. envoy,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD22J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1Z5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD22Z,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD21E,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD216,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD21F,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD223
ST Now, News As It Happens - Nov 15, 2018
Germany welcomes draft agreement on Brexit as a great relief
No resignation threats during PM May s cabinet meeting: UK official
Brazil s Bolsonaro names Trump fan top diplomat as Cuba relations sour
Factbox: What does the Brexit deal say about the Irish backstop ?
Not enough room : migrant flows strain Mexican border shelters
Irish PM says Brexit deal achieved all key Irish priorities
UK PM May s deal will appall many, DUP lawmaker says,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD206,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1ZT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD20N,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD211,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD20O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD207,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD20P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD20W,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD212,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD20Z
Uber posts $1 billion loss in quarter as growth in bookings slows
EU trade chief says she hopes EU member states will approve Brexit deal
FCC launches first U.S. high-band 5G spectrum auction
Death knell for contra trading as T+2 looms
Digital currency for the freedom to quaff a pint
Private exchanges a good way for startups to rehearse for IPO
Fintech sets path to financial inclusion: Modi
MAS shoots to approve startups entry into express sandbox in 21 days
Reducing friction for its consumers is key for Go-Jek
Three global banks open innovation labs in Singapore
China economy shows signs of stabilising in Oct, but pressures remain
RCEP conclusion delayed due to unique challenges : PM Lee
America lays down gauntlet for Asean, Apec summits
Russian venture investor sees Singapore as springboard to Asia
Global trading system needs reforms: PM Lee,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1YI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1YQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1Y4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1XV
Jury clears J J of liability in California talc cancer case
Draft Brexit deal bad for Scotland, parliament unlikely to back: Sturgeon
Colombia to probe deaths of Odebrecht whistleblower, son
Asean, China agree on early completion of sea code
Macron says France is U.S. ally, not a vassal state
UK PM May s statement after cabinet endorses Brexit deal
Qatar welcomes Twitter crackdown on bots used to attack country online
Draft Brexit deal ends Britain s easy access to EU financial markets
Juncker recommends EU Brexit summit citing decisive progress
Britain, EU agree draft deal on Northern Irish backstop
EU s Tusk to meet Brexit negotiator Barnier 0650 GMT Thursday
Britain, EU vow to quickly agree on future relationship
UK cabinet was very split on PM May s Brexit plan: Sky News
EU parliament welcomes progress on Brexit deal
China plumbs ocean depths to extend its cobalt lead
UK cabinet support for Brexit deal was by a majority: UK eurosceptic lawmaker
EU s Barnier says draft agreement a decisive step for Brexit,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1X0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1X4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1XM
After back-to-back talks, leaders tuck into local delicacies
Zipping through MRT fare gate in a wheelchair
Senior leaders have key role in cyber security: Commissioner
Man warded after eating packed food dies
New system to speed up legal aid for the needy from next year
Pence, Modi reiterate shared vision of free, open Indo-Pacific
Leaders vow to create world s largest free trade area in 2019
Durian prices expected to dip further
US officials defend Trump s no-show at summit
Man gets 26 years jail and 24 strokes for raping daughter
Progress in review of FTA with Australia, NZ
Career criminal guilty of sexually assaulting 2 sisters
Japan s Indo-Pacific strategy aligns well with S pore, Asean priorities: PM Lee
Cut cables disrupt fibre broadband in eastern S pore
Seoul s New Southern Policy marks intent to prosper with Asean: Moon
42 shared e-scooters operated illegally impounded by LTA
Asean, China agree on early completion of sea code 33rd Asean Summit
Push for digital tech to power building sector
E-commerce scams: Second suspect arrested
PM Lee holds talks with Trudeau, Morrison, Duterte and Pinera
Place in the sun
Employers rank NUS grads No. 10 in global poll
China, Singapore agree to deepen ties in various areas
Analogue TV will go off air in less than 50 days
Jail, ban for drink-driving man involved in fatal crash
RCEP talks making substantial progress, says Indonesia
S pore courts stick to rule of law: CJ
Not born in S pore, but they ve served full-time NS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1VR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1W1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1W3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1WE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1WU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1WT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1V3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1UU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1V9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1UV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1UT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1VA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1VU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1VB
UK s Raab no longer expected to travel to Brussels today: Bloomberg
Levi Strauss is planning to go public: CNBC
Brazil president-elect picks Ernesto Araujo as his foreign minister
Shipbound migrants in Libya port say would rather die than disembark
Asked about Trump s tweets, Macron says only U.S.-French army cooperation matters
Ireland on board with draft Brexit deal: EU sources
Northern Irish DUP lawmaker says UK PM May s position very, very shaky
Brazil s Bolsonaro says to grant asylum to any Cuban who seeks it
EU s Barnier to speak at 2000 GMT on Brexit,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1UN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1SN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1SP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1SK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1SQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1SL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1R3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1QT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1TK
Exclusive: Saudi Arabia s PIF eyes stake in U.S. movie studio Legendary - sources
South Korean firms plead guilty to rigging U.S. military fuel prices - Justice Department
UK s May to give short Brexit statement after cabinet meeting
EU envoys end Brexit meeting, London position unclear: sources
Vodafone may replicate elements of UK tower sharing venture elsewhere
Sterling extends losses on report of possible Brexiteer move
South Korean firms plead guilty to rigging U.S. military fuel prices: Justice Department
U.N. bemoans lack of funding for African anti-jihadist force
Ericsson doesn t see sales lift after security concerns hit Chinese rivals
Turkey calls for international investigation into Khashoggi murder
BMW, Vodafone, Ericsson urge EU to consider 5G car standard
UK PM May likely to face leadership challenge on Thursday: BBC
Exclusive: Saudi Arabia s PIF eyes stake in U.S. movie studio Legendary - sources
Publicis chief sees consultancy and ad group merger wave,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1P0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1Q5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1PP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1OG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1PL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1PQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1QA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1QC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1P5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1QM
Dutch court rejects bid to ban Black Pete seasonal character
UK PM May s Brexit cabinet meeting overrunning
Ugandan soldiers to guard Chinese businesses after rash of robberies
Northern Irish DUP warns of consequences if May breaks Brexit promises
Airbus likely sold 10 A330neo jets to Delta: sources
Ackman s Pershing Square exits Mondelez, sees better places to invest
Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar will not begin on Thursday: source
Victoria s Secret CEO to step down: WSJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1LW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1NO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1M9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1MJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1N3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1O0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1N8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1LP
UK PM May expected to make Brexit statement at 12.00 p.m. ET
Cuba to pull doctors from Brazil after Bolsonaro criticism
Turkish court sentences German citizen to jail on terrorism charges: Anadolu
Algeria’s ruling FLN party head quits
Latvian government talks break down, way forward unclear
EU arms fuelling Yemen conflict, tougher checks needed: parliament
Factbox: What is Ethiopia s METEC?
Tencent profit beats on investment gain, no progress on China gaming
U.N. Security Council unanimously removes Eritrea sanctions
Montenegrin activists protest against Adriatic oil prospecting
PG E s wildfire risks shares and bonds plunge,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1IW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1IR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1GR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1JC
UK brings forward planned changes to gambling regulations
Russian President Putin, PM Lee reaffirm long-standing friendship between Russia and Singapore,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1KI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1KF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1KD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1KW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1H4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1H6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1H7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1H8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1HD
A matter of volume: threat from ascendant Chinese phones hangs over Apple
Hand-shake as Lebanese civil war Christian rivals reconcile
Blue Apron says it would sacrifice revenue growth in shares tumble
A matter of volume: threat from ascendant Chinese phones hangs over Apple
Ex-Macedonia PM Gruevski has applied for asylum in Hungary: PM s Office
Strong chance Scotland minister will quit over Brexit: PoliticsHome
Car plant shows limits to Iran s economic ambitions in Syria
Brazil s Bolsonaro says bitter measures needed to avoid fiscal crisis
Thousands flee as Taliban attack Afghanistan s safe districts
U.S. safety board holds hearing on fatal Southwest engine explosion
Company fined $9,000 for fraudulent labelling of canned food
Exclusive: Sears finalizing $350 bankruptcy loan with Great American - sources
Calls for end to Yemen war offer little hope for hungry children,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD12B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1FF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1FJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1FD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1FX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1GC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1GD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1GF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0WZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0XR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1EL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD11P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD127,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD128
Man fined $12,600 for possessing and abetting illegal import of food items,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1E2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1D5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1CA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1E0
Two UK cabinet ministers will quit on Wednesday: Telegraph
Geopolitics should be factor in new nuclear investment decision: Czech PM
There is hope for an orderly Brexit: German minister
U.S. Energy Secretary Perry says oil supply fluctuations not good for world economy
Austria says it will not expel any Russians over spy case
Monkey kills 12-day-old Indian baby
10,000 users hit by fibre broadband outage, services to be restored by Thursday,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD19Y,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD1AT
U.S. consumer prices post largest rise in nine months
Turkey says rights groups should attend Khashoggi suspects trial
Lawsuit filed against PG E for California wildfire victims
Volition in question day before Rohingya due to start return to Myanmar
Wall Street set to open higher after in-line CPI data, oil rebound
PG E shares dive after utility flags impact from Camp wildfire
Romanian ruling lawmakers push bill to cancel wiretap evidence
Modi government, Indian central bank set for uneasy truce: sources
Philippine President Duterte skips some summit meetings but is in top shape
Indonesia lauds substantial progress of RCEP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD197,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD19D,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD18Z,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD198,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD192,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD19B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD193,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD19C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD191,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD199,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD17R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD17X,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD18Q,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD196,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD114,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD15B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD15E,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD16D,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD15J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD15U,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD186,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD18K,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD18I,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD188
ഒടുവില്‍ ദീപികയ്ക്കും രണ്‍ബീറിനും പ്രണയസാഫല്യം; വിവാഹ വേദിയായ ലേക് കോമോ റിസോര്‍ട്ടിലെ ഒരു ദിവസത്തെ ഹോട്ടല്‍ വാടക 24 ലക്ഷം
ഒടുവില്‍ ദീപികയ്ക്കും രണ്‍ബീറിനും പ്രണയസാഫല്യം; വിവാഹ വേദിയായ ലേക് കോമോ റിസോര്‍ട്ടിലെ ഒരു ദിവസത്തെ ഹോട്ടല്‍ വാടക 24 ലക്ഷം
Principles of Japan s Indo-Pacific strategy align with Singapore, Asean priorities: PM Lee
UK PM May to engage widely to build support for Brexit deal
Putin and Abe agree to speed up peace treaty talks: Kremlin
Brexit deal not prompting banks to slam brakes on relocation plans
Paedophile, 53, admits to luring 2 teen sisters to his flat, sexually assaulting them
Kenyan judge sentences two police officers to death for murder
Leicester City helicopter crash investigation focusing on tail rotor
Bain Capital Ventures closes $1 billion fund amid venture fund-raising frenzy
UK s May: Parliament will get proper analysis once final deal agreed with EU
Explainer: Britain s big Brexit vote: will parliament back May?
Irish PM appeals to Northern Irish unionists worried by Brexit deal
VW s Skoda Auto says October deliveries down 7.4 percent year-on-year
France says Trump should have shown decency on Paris attacks anniversary
Philippines Duterte skips summit meetings but is in top shape
Macy s boosts annual earnings forecast
UK PM May says culture minister to set out gambling machine changes
Go-Jek’s beta app to launch in S’pore before Christmas,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD13E,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD13V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD13C
Legal Aid Bureau revamps website to offer quicker help to poor,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD105,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0ZR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD122,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0YQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0YW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0YR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD13B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD134,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD12D,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD12O
നിയാഴ്ച ശബരിമലയിലെത്തുമെന്ന് തൃപ്തി ദേശായി; സുരക്ഷ വേണമെന്ന് ആവശ്യപ്പെട്ട് മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിക്ക് കത്ത് നല്‍കി
നിയാഴ്ച ശബരിമലയിലെത്തുമെന്ന് തൃപ്തി ദേശായി; സുരക്ഷ വേണമെന്ന് ആവശ്യപ്പെട്ട് മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിക്ക് കത്ത് നല്‍കി
US Vice-President Pence meets leaders of India, Vietnam and Myanmar on sidelines of Asean summit
AMKTC corruption trial: Man accused of bribing former GM threatened to report business partner to CPIB
ജി– സാറ്റ് 29 ഐഎസ്ആര്‍ഒ വിജയകരമായി വിക്ഷേപിച്ചു
ജി– സാറ്റ് 29 ഐഎസ്ആര്‍ഒ വിജയകരമായി വിക്ഷേപിച്ചു
Spize vows to win back customers after gastro outbreak at River Valley outlet
Nostalgic journey for Mahathir and wife Siti Hasmah at NUS reunion
Japan s Abe says wants to discuss peace treaty with Putin today
U.S. farmers scramble to contain trade-war damage, find new markets
UK s May says cabinet will decide on next steps in the national interest on Brexit
UK s Mordaunt wants further assurance over Brexit deal: Sun
EU Commission says could make Brexit statement soon
China s Peking University tightens party control, curbs activism
Polish plan to make richest pay more for pensions is unconstitutional: court,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0WT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0UL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0XH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0XN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0XJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0Y9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0WJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0VV
Durian prices fall due to low customer numbers, expected to dip further
Lieberman quits as Israeli defense chief, savages Gaza truce
Blackrock reports ownership of 5 percent of Petrobras preferred shares
Three men found guilty of plotting 2016 attacks on Melbourne
Ford, Walmart collaborate to design automated-vehicle delivery
Scottish nationalists and opponents jarred by Northern Irish Brexit terms
EU-UK Brexit deal sees July 2020 decision on keeping Irish border open: EU sources,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0VI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0UM
Sentosa to host first Pikachu Night Parade outside Japan in December
Trump s no-show at summit, Indo-Pacific vision churn up debate,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0U2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0SL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0SP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0ST,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0SK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0SM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0TD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0TB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0TR
Pfizer loses blockbuster drug patent fight in UK Supreme Court
Making waves in West, China luring Pacific islands with Belt and Road
Bangladesh police fire rubber bullets, teargas to disperse opposition protest
Garuda Indonesia to take over operations of rival Sriwijaya Group
German government: We welcome any progress toward an orderly Brexit
Father who repeatedly raped teenage daughter gets 26 years’ jail, 24 strokes of the cane,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0QE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0QH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0QJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0PR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0QS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0QD
Man in middle of divorce runs into wife, pins her down and beats her at Jurong bus stop
TODAY s evening brief for Wednesday, Nov 14
Asean and China should aim to conclude talks on maritime code of conduct in 3 years: PM Lee
Turkey aims to improve ties with Saudi Arabia: minister s speech text
Turkey in close cooperation with U.S. on Iran sanctions, minister says
Israeli defense minister to make statement, may quit over Gaza
Iran s president says America chose wrong path on sanctions, will be defeated
TODAY s evening brief for Wednesday, Nov 14,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0PS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0OD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0PX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0Q5
Asean, Eurasian Economic Commission sign agreement to promote further collaboration,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0P1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0P2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0PB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0O9
Geek bliss: Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish a hologram
Germany not meeting Turkey demands on Gulen network: foreign minister
OPEC, partners discuss oil supply cut of up to 1.4 million bpd: sources
Swedish parliament rejects center-right Moderates leader as PM
Daimler to open new R D center in China to accelerate localization
Iraq to exchange food for Iranian gas, seeks U.S. approval: government officials
China allows online travel agencies to resume selling group tours to South Korea: Yonhap
Fibre cable cut leads to outage of broadband services in eastern part of Singapore
Global oil market faces surplus throughout 2019 as demand slows
Right-wing plan for Swiss-first law approach headed for defeat
28-year-old Malaysian listed on Forbes 30 under 30
Fibre cut leads to outage of broadband services in eastern part of Singapore,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0M8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0NG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0N4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0MD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0NS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0NH
Strengthening protection for workers is good, so too is getting the timing right,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0MA
Paedophile admits sexually assaulting 2 sisters after luring them to his flat
FAA, Boeing study need for 737 MAX software changes after Lion Air crash
Chinese man ends up with live pig, peacock and giant salamander after drunken online shopping spree
Turkish court throws out case against former WSJ journalist
British PM May tries to sell her Brexit deal to ministers
South Korea regulator says Samsung BioLogics intentionally breached accounting rules
Northern Ireland cannot be cut adrift from UK: DUP leader Foster
Geek bliss: Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish a hologram
Turkey making efforts to get U.S. Congress to remove bills against Ankara
Thai central bank holds rates again, but many see a hike soon
Instant view: UK PM May faces a fight to seal Brexit deal
Watch: Woman engrossed in mobile phone while squatting on pavement gets run over by SUV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0KN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0KQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0KO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0KR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0IV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0IW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0JM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0LA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0KP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0LF
Have a beautiful home? Share it with us,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0JE
Under One Roof comedian Zaibo succumbs to cancer
Libya could hold elections next spring: Italy s foreign minister
France unveils 500 million euros in aid to motorists
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny flies out of Russia after exit ban lifted
Northern Irish DUP hardliner: We will not vote for this Brexit deal humiliation
South Korea regulator says Samsung BioLogics intentionally breached accounting rules
Jewish religious candidate elected Jerusalem s mayor
Asean working with partners to further free trade agreement with Australia and NZ: PM Lee
Man who raped teenage daughter gets 26 years jail, 24 strokes
Teen arrested for Bruno Mars, Universal Studios Singapore e-ticket scams
MAS to make it easier for fintech startups to test out solutions: Ong Ye Kung,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0HA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0HG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0HN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0I5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0I4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0IC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0IQ
Jobs for the boys under fire in South Korea
Social enterprise restaurant offers Hong Kong s senior citizens job opportunities - and dishes up new careers
Teenager scams S$14,000 from Carousell users by pretending to sell Universal Studios, Bruno Mars concert tickets
Czech Republic to shun U.N. migration pact: report
EU fines on Italy would be a mistake: Deputy PM
Thailand s Indorama buys 74 percent of Egypt s Medco Plast
Northern Irish DUP: May s deal could break up the United Kingdom
Pence presses Myanmar s Suu Kyi to pardon Reuters journalists: official
Cathay Pacific apologises over data breach, but denies cover-up
Jail for man who killed elderly pedestrian in accident after nine-hour drinking session,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0F5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0GA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0F7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0FJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0FY
Cyber security not just a ‘technical issue’ for IT personnel to handle: CSA CEO
Malaysian comedian Zaibo dies at 62
MAS launches US$5b kitty to woo fund managers to drop anchor here
Heavy rain delays some voting as drenched Fijians go to the polls
Vietnam arrests two more officials of state-run MobiFone in graft crackdown
Iran executes two men accused of economic crimes
asean-china summit
PM Lee urges Asean, China to build on ‘positive momentum’ in ties,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD09W,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD09Z,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD09X,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0A2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0AM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0AO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0AP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0AR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0AT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD0DT
US Vice-President Pence tells Myanmar s Suu Kyi persecution of Rohingya inexcusable
FAA, Boeing study need for 737 MAX software changes after crash
Malaysia s third quarter GDP growth seen rising slightly to 4.6 percent year on year: Reuters poll
Pence tells Suu Kyi persecution of Rohingya inexcusable
New Southern Policy a commitment for South Korea to prosper with Asean: Moon Jae-In,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD09O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD09P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD090,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD08W
COI on SingHealth cyber attack: Change the way security incidents are reported, says CSA chief
Number of people hospitalised after eating food from Spize rises to 46
SBS Transit to offer free Wi-Fi on buses plying Bukit Merah area from February
UK s Prince Charles parties as he celebrates 70th birthday
Philippines, Indonesia gain as investors buy beaten-down stocks
Indonesia s Bukit Asam posts 40 percent jump in January-September coal exports
Sri Lanka crisis deepens with no-confidence motion passed against PM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD080,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD082,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD07C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD087
New questions swirl over Boeing on updated 737 model that crashed
Cathay Pacific executives grilled over data breach crisis
Cathay Pacific executives grilled over data breach crisis
MOU signed, new guide for uniforms released at inaugural Environmental Services Workforce Day,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD06R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD06T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD06S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD071,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD06Z
CNN sues White House over revoked credentials of correspondent
Rosmah back at MACC headquarters ahead of expected charges
Deep in Amazon, a lopsided battle for its riches
China spent $216 billion in shantytown redevelopment in January-October
Teen arrested for allegedly setting fire to door of Choa Chu Kang unit
5-storey building spotted cruising down the Yangtze River,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD068
Expired meat recovered from Karachi eatery under probe over siblings death
Young siblings from Dubai save drowning hotel guest
Facebook says any return to China would preserve free expression
Not born here, but completed National Service like every Singaporean son
Trump to fire Homeland Security boss, replace chief of staff: Source
Number of people hospitalised after eating food from Spize rises to 46
Free Wi-Fi services on 18 SBS Transit bus services from February 2019
Exclusive: Snap reveals U.S. subpoenas on IPO disclosures
U.S. FAA launches high-priority probe of Boeing s safety analyses - WSJ
Google merges DeepMind health app with other AI efforts
Police officer dragged 50m by driver dodging traffic stop in Geylang,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD057,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD05D
Dr Mahathir open to idea of Cabinet reshuffle
K-pop frauds snare young Japanese fans on social media
US policeman fatally shoots black security guard who detained gunman
Free Wi-Fi services on 18 SBS Transit buses from February 2019
Naked couple crashes pickup into traffic signpost in Philippines
Man arrested after armed robbery in Geylang involving taxi driver and knife
China industrial output, investment beat for retail sales miss
China industrial output, investment beat for retail sales miss expectations
China s October property investment growth hits 10-month low as economy slows
Mother attacked her son’s teacher with pesticides because she was unhappy with school, Hong Kong court hears
Concerned China parents seek to reduce influence of effeminate role models,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD03Q,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD03V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD03R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD048,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD04Q
60 flights cancelled at Chiang Mai airport during flying lantern festival
Welder in China becomes celebrity with useless but cool inventions
Vigilantes patrol Kedah town to check for ‘sin’
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s to visit Singapore from 14 – 15 November 2018
Trump under pressure from Melania to fire top aide
Delta flight halted in Shanghai after another plane intrudes on runway
Oil struggles to find footing after 7 percent slump, sentiment stays weak
U.S. FAA launches high-priority probe of Boeing s safety analyses: WSJ
U.S. lawmakers expect votes on steps to crack down on Saudi Arabia
SBS Transit to offer free Wi-Fi on 300 buses plying Bukit Merah area from February,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD01N,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD039,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD03D
‘Drunk’ Chinese man’s Singles’ Day shopping frenzy ends with a live pig, peacock and giant salamander
Delhi lungs turn sickly brown in days
Trump says North Korean missile sites are nothing new
Teacher in China says sexual orientation led to him being fired
Indonesian ride-hailing firm Go-Jek starts signing on drivers
DBS shuffles senior management team, grooms talent within
Dr Mahathir slams Suu Kyi over Rohingya crisis
Campus uproar as Chinese university bans food deliveries to boost health
Malaysian anti-graft agency exposes sex for grades cases
Death of 13-year-old Thai boy inflames debate on Muay Thai s young dreamers
Hong Kong police on hunt for 7 suspects following pre-dawn knife attack at McDonald s outlet
Bali authority denies report on deadly viral infection outbreak
Trump to nominate retired Army general as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Sterling and euro rise on Brexit hopes, dollar slips on profit-taking
Sterling and euro rise on Brexit hopes, dollar slips on profit-taking
Asia stocks shaken by plunge in crude oil, growth worries
Asia stocks shaken by plunge in crude oil, growth worries
Exclusive: Snap reveals U.S. subpoenas on IPO disclosures
Former RSAF lieutenant-colonel jailed for second drink driving conviction,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD02C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD02K,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD02T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD027,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD028,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD02B
Trump stirs fury by blaming California amid surge in fire deaths
Taiwan grandpa catches em all playing Pokemon Go on 15 phones
Japan s economy contracts as natural disasters, trade frictions hit hard
Japan Economy Minister Motegi says economy recovering moderately
Elon Musk s Teslaquila drink faces clash with Mexican tequila industry
Japan third-quarter GDP contracts as natural disasters, trade war hurt
Oil markets struggle to find footing after 7 percent slump
U.S. legislation to urge possible China sanctions over Xinjiang crackdown,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD00Z,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD00R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD00S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD00T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD01M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD00V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAD01A
Defending the indefensible : Dr M slams Suu Kyi over Rohingya crisis
We need help maintaining our Russian planes, Dr M tells Putin in bilateral talks
We need help maintaining our Russian planes, Dr M tells Putin in bilateral talks
MSCI adds more China stocks to global emerging markets index,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1ZJ
TODAY s morning brief for Wednesday, Nov 14
Top stories from The Straits Times on Wednesday, Nov 14
U.S. alone in opposing U.N. refugee text over sovereignty concerns
Blue Apron cuts headcount by 4 p posts drop in orders
At least 15 killed in Cameroon in clashes between army, separatists
Factbox: The career of Mexico s brutal Robin Hood, El Chapo Guzman
Lawyer calls El Chapo scapegoat, says Mexico s Pena Nieto took bribes
Nike hires former Coca-Cola executive as Jordan Brand president
UK PM May s five senior ministers will back Brexit deal: The Sun s political editor,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1XS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1XZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0QN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1R3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0QO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0W5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0QE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC161,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0W6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1YC
ST Now, News As It Happens - Nov 14, 2018
Brexit spells peril for UK Conservatives future, says former minister
Mattis backs NATO as France, Germany voice support for EU military
Sterling will rally sharply if there is a Brexit deal, says NEX Group s Spencer
DUP leader warns May her party could block Brexit deal
Trump envoy urges Russia help free journalist Austin Tice held in Syria
Irish cabinet to meet on Wednesday on Brexit developments,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1U1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1V5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1XL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1V8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1XJ
German officials sound China alarm as 5G auctions loom
Exclusive: German officials sound China alarm as 5G auctions loom
New Zealand government plans to re-enter doomed Pike River mine to recover remains
What a ride it’s been for veteran racer Armstrong Alfred Harris, 83
MAS launches US$5b kitty to woo fund managers to drop anchor here
Billion-dollar en bloc candidates still in play, but will developers bite?
Singapore fintechs attracted 25% more funding this year: report
SGX moves to T+2 securities settlement cycle starting Dec 10
The Smart City way to securing Singapore and its borders
Asean should take advantage of opportunities in trade war
CapitaLand, GIC jointly acquire Shanghai s twin towers,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1E1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1E0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1SM
UK opposition parties call for right to amend Brexit deal
U.S. condemns attacks from Gaza into Israel: State Department spokeswoman
NATO looks to startups, disruptive tech to conquer emerging threats,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1OU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1RN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1RI
Lawyers raise concerns over move to cut fees
Panel flags demographic, tech changes as key to regional trade
SIA blames high fuel prices for 69% plunge in profits
Facebook: No policy against alleged falsehoods
Prayut pledges to push for connectivity among Asean states
Cyber attack response delayed bydisorganised interaction
Spirit of unity as Asean leaders gather
What a ride it s been for veteran racer
Choice of next PM could now be down to two
PM s 3 questions for members to consider on strengthening Asean
New centre to focus more efforts on countering myopia
$2.9b donated to charities in Singapore in 2016
Shades of the past, but with an eye squarely on the future
Split-second decision by S porean saves man from drowning
Opting for private surgeon? See fee guidelines
Tengah flats among 7,214 HDB units launched for sale
Doc jailed for blood sample deception
Appreciation for S pore s help in reclaiming 1MDB-linked funds
MAS unveils US$5 billion investment
Man jailed 13 years for killing girlfriend
Chinese leader thanks S pore, its businesses for support
Building family bonds makes relocating very worthwhile
China has conditions to energise market: Premier Li
Guidelines for private surgery fees welcomed
Trudeau meets Temasek president
Safety barriers that work like shock absorbers
Russia s Putin has busy day on his first visit to S pore
UK PM May to warn cabinet of implementing contingencies in event of no-deal Brexit: FT
U.S. lays barbed wire at border as migrant caravan draws closer
Factbox: Amazon to get billions in breaks for HQ2 development
Polish financial regulator quits as government probes bribe allegations: PAP
U.S. designates son of Hezbollah leader a terrorist
Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary face tough Brexit ride: ING
UK PM May will fail to get Brexit deal through parliament, Lib Dem leader says
Juul Labs to pull sweet e-cigarette flavors to curb youth use,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1O2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1OH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1OG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1OF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1NW
Starbucks to lay off 350 global corporate employees
U.S. sanctions Hezbollah Iraq networks, son of group s leader
Brazil s president-elect says likely to skip G20 due to poor health
Danske money laundering scandal is tip of iceberg , whistleblower s lawyer says
Instant view: Reaction after text of Brexit divorce deal agreed
Sinn Fein s McDonald says Brexit agreement must give legal effect to cast iron guarantee,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1KM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1LW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1L6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1LI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1LQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1M1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1NB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1MW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1N7
U.S. settles antitrust charges with six broadcast companies
U.S. in China trade talks again, demands change of posture
DUP will wait and see before voting down Brexit deal
Brexit deal a very, very hard sell : DUP deputy leader
UK eurosceptic lawmaker Rees-Mogg urges cabinet to reject Brexit deal
UK Labour say unlikely May s Brexit deal is right for Britain
Special EU Brexit summit possible November 25 if UK cabinet backs deal: sources
May s Brexit agreement is utterly unacceptable: Boris Johnson
Ministers should reject withdrawal deal, say critics of PM May s Brexit plans
Iraq PM says IS militants seeking to cross to Iraq from Syria
Cracks appear in Slovenian government as development minister resigns
Trump says North Korean missile sites are nothing new
UK Labour will vote against Brexit deal if fails to meet tests: Corbyn
Government s days are numbered if Brexit deal is as reported: UK Conservative lawmaker,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1K9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1JI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1IE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1GW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1IA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1HY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1IH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1IQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1J6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1H6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1JB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1JC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC18M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1GR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1HH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1GT
Amazon picks New York City and Virginia for $5 billion new headquarters
White House adviser says U.S. talking again with China on trade
Iran seizes six tonnes of heroin destined for Europe
Pentagon expects next big F-35 contract in spring 2019
Haftar has committed himself to U.N. action plan: U.N. envoy
Turkish air strikes kill 19 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq
Mattis to travel to Mexico border on Wednesday
Joining Finland, Norway says Russia may have jammed GPS signal in Arctic
Text of Brexit withdrawal deal has been agreed: UK government source
Exclusive: Dell taps banks to raise more cash for tracking stock offer - sources
DUP says its Brexit red lines well-known amid reports of Irish border deal,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1EY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1F0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1F7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1G0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1G2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1G5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1GA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1DV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1DP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1DC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1FC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1EZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1F8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1EU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1EV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1EW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1EX
Chemical weapons team to begin assigning blame for Syrian attacks
Italy PM says replying to EU on budget on Tuesday
Impact of U.S. court ruling on Keystone XL timing unclear: TransCanada
EU contingency to bridge through worst of no-deal Brexit: officials
EU moving to make best of Brexit deal: Juncker
Government promises Brexit legal analysis, seeking to appease party rebels
WeWork gets $3 billion in new funding from SoftBank
Small number of issues remain in Brexit talks, negotiations ongoing: UK PM May s spokeswoman
EU executive offers respite to UK airlines, but not hauliers, in no-deal Brexit
Germany s Merkel calls for a European Union military
In another push, Elliott calls on Hyundai to boost returns, review assets
Families get food in Yemen s Hodeidah during lull in fighting
Ford s China partner Zotye to sell SUVs in U.S. in 2020
South Africa s home affairs minister Gigaba resigns
Russia should not be allowed to use energy as a weapon: Perry
Israeli ministers order Gaza attacks kept up as required
Hamas leader says Gaza ceasefire possible if Israel halts attacks
Japan takes South Korea to WTO over financial support for shipbuilders
China says U.S. controls on semiconductor firm break WTO rules
Czech opposition pushes for no-confidence vote over PM s investigation,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1BU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC18V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1A5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC18T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1A9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC18O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC18P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1AY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1AK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1BL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC1B3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC19E
Facebook will only remove false information if it leads to voter suppression, or threat of violence
AMKTC corruption trial: Business partner disturbed by ‘dirty’ and ‘very scary’ dealings
Rohingya face serious risk if sent back to Myanmar: U.N. rights boss
Flipkart CEO Bansal resigned after sexual misconduct claim: source
S P, Nasdaq open higher as tech re Boeing drags Dow
Ex-Macedonian PM Gruevski says he s seeking asylum in Hungary
Former death-camp guard tells German court he was never a Nazi
Walmart, Home Depot adopt health insurer tactic in drug copay battle
Every breath you take: Indian capital s smog leaves children gasping for air
UK government says lawmakers will have access to legal analysis of Brexit agreement
President Macron s office says no comment after Trump Twitter attack
Thomson Reuters names Friedenberg as president of Reuters news
Northern Ireland s DUP will support publication of Brexit legal advice
Spain to propose ban on sale of petrol, diesel cars from 2040
Amazon to announce investments in NY, Virginia, Nashville: source
Lebanon s Hariri blames Hezbollah for obstructing government formation,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0UU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0US,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC0UT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC13H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAC13J
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