Tuesday 11 May 2021
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asiaone - 21 days ago

Can t eat out? In locked down Paris, a chef can come to you

Parisians yearning for haute cuisine dining since the Covid-19 pandemic closed down restaurants have found an alternative: private chefs who serve up meals in customers homes. Fatiha El-Kaddaoui is a trained chef who takes bookings from private individuals, brings her ingredients to their home and uses their equipment to prepare and serve restaurant-quality dishes. She was busy before the pandemic. But now, she said, she is having to turn away up to 30 bookings per month. There s very, very big demand, she said. This demand exists because those people used to go to restaurants one, two, three times a week or even more. Last Friday (April 16), El-Kaddaoui had been booked by Valerie Lacroix, 35, to prepare a lunch for her and her mother. Working in Lacroix s kitchen, the chef prepared a foie gras entree, followed by a sea bream ceviche, then a dish of gambas and scallops. We obviously want to go out, see our friends and family, and spend time with them, but we can t, said Lacroix. This is recreating that shared moment at home.

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