Sunday 18 November 2018
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Turkey says Khashoggi killers may have taken body parts out of country: CNN Turk
‘E-sports can unite Malaysians’: minister Syed Saddiq, 26, defends gaming
Di Maio says EU election will shake up politics, help Italy
Exclusive: Rohingya repatriation, relocation plans pushed back to 2019 - government official
Factbox: Who has submitted letters of no confidence in UK PM May?,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0AX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0B8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0AW
UK PM May: Getting rid of me risks delaying Brexit
Rohingya repatriation, relocation plans pushed back to 2019,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0B0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0B2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0AM
Exclusive: U.S. shale firms offer $100 million to aid Texas, New Mexico,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0A3
Pope says world mustn t turn a blind eye to migrants, the poor
Bavarian premier Soeder to run for CSU party leadership,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH09M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH0A4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH09Z
Former UK Brexit minister Raab says PM May must change course on Brexit deal
Threshold for triggering challenge to UK PM May has not yet been met lawmaker
Macron s popularity dips as French fuel tax revolt simmers
Jewish leader says Germany dragging heels on looted art,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH09C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH099,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH09E
Driver, 17, taken to hospital after race car flies off tracks and crashes at Macau F3 Grand Prix
Scotland s Sturgeon says parliament should not endorse Brexit deal: BBC
Junior UK Brexit minister says changing leader would be futile distraction
U.S. peace envoy hopes for deal with Taliban in 2019: media,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH08J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH08F
UK Labour leader Corbyn: second Brexit referendum is for future, not today
UK PM May says next seven days critical for Britain
Myanmar police shoot, injure four in raid on Rohingya camp: witness
Netanyahu in political showdown to avoid early Israeli election
UK PM May says leadership challenge threshold not met as far as I know
Bikers hurl grenade at religious gathering in India, three killed,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH07M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH07J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH07Z,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH07X
Gen Y Speaks: Combating sexual harassment in universities
Turkey says U.S. support for Syrian Kurdish YPG a big mistake,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH079
No grades till 15: Estonian schools encourage creativity over rote learning
Malta police identify suspected journalist murder masterminds: report,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH05Y,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH05M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH05X
Beijing says no developing country will fall into debt trap by cooperating with China
North Korea s new tactical weapon test highlights military modernisation
People s Association extends wellness programme for seniors to residents committees
Asia-Pacific leaders fail to reach consensus on APEC communique
PNG PM says to release formal APEC statement at later date
Recent discussion over social enterprise hawker centres partly fueled by ‘well-meaning but misinformed hearsay, anecdotes’: Amy Khor
Swimming: Surprise backstroke record for Joseph Schooling in medley relay as team win silver
Fiji prime minister narrowly wins election to serve a second term
4G leaders to complete visits to all constituencies within next 18 months
Dos and don ts when recovering from food poisoning
When can food poisoning kill and what to do to prevent it
After nap-gate at ASEAN summit, Duterte skips Apec summit dinner
Australia surf lesson turns bloody after shark attack
End of the road: What is it about Japan s Aokigahara Forest that attracts tourists?
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore kicks off campaign to remind holidaymakers to stay safe during flight
Man arrested over bomb threat says referring to explosive bowel movement
Ministers to make community visits to all constituencies by mid-2020: Ong Ye Kung
China defers Tonga s loan payments as Pacific nation signs up to Belt and Road - Tongan official
Central Americans stalled at U.S.-Mexico border, mull work offers,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH019
Suspected stingray stab kills swimmer off Australia beach
China offers cash rewards of up to $118,000 for citizens who report porn
I earn around a million euros , German conservative Merz tells Bild
Why Komodo dragons haven’t conquered the world,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH00F
UK s May sees no alternative to her Brexit plan,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAH002
Lunch With Sumiko: Jason Mraz keeps his feet on the ground
Top stories from The Straits Times on Sunday, Nov 18
Interpol renews arrest warrant for MOL s CEO, Croatia says
Straw wars: Campaign to ban straws at NUS hits road bump
J.Crew CEO James Brett steps down after short tenure,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0PD
ST Now, News As It Happens - Nov 18, 2018
Islamic State says U.S.-led strikes kill 40 in militant pocket in Syria,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0NS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0NT
Lunch With Sumiko: Keeping his feet on the ground
Bamboo, glass, metal - some alternatives that stir up interest
Tiny bacterium helps fight spread of dengue
Killing us softly
Walking the talk
MacPherson turns 50, with new app for seniors
St Andrew s bells rung incorrectly for 129 years
$30,000 raised for ST School Pocket Money Fund
New programme helps drug offenders, families
Practice used in rehabilitation catching on among various groups
Care centre for ageing dogs
From trade talks to Trudeau’s socks
Poly, ITE students to be taught financial literacy
Don t cook monkeys, but smoke them
From planning menus to fine-tuning motorcades: MFA officers take challenges in their stride
U.S. State Department says no final conclusion on Khashoggi killing
Rebels say Syrian army steps up attacks in Idlib,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0MR
Advocates of new Brexit deal not living in real world : Irish minister
Czechs rally against PM Babis on Velvet Revolution anniversary,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0L6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0L8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0L9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0LB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0LC
Two ex-leaders look set for second round in Madagascar presidential poll
Greek police clash with protesters after march in Athens
Turkey releases eight detained in probe of prominent rights activist: lawyers,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0KK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0KM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0KJ
Israel s Netanyahu says early election must be avoided
London bridges blocked by environment protest, 70 arrested
Suspect from Central African Republic handed to Hague war crimes court,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0IP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0JA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0JB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0JC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0JE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0JD
Maldives new president warns state coffers looted after China-led boom,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0H3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0H6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0H4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0H5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0FV
Woman blows herself up near police station in Chechen capital Grozny: RIA
Over 40 killed in attack on refugee base in Central African Republic,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EF
Thousands protest in Norway against restricting abortion,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0EC
Irish PM says no plans to call election before Christmas,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0DU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0DH
Merkel protégé eyes female quota for lawmakers, takes aim at dual citizenship
Trump will speak to Pompeo, CIA about Khashoggi: Bloomberg,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0D4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0CZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0CY
Homeless man who helped thwart Melbourne attack charged with burglary, theft
Thailand raises shipwreck that killed 47 Chinese tourists in Phuket
Former Malay TV star Zack Zainal warns of bitcoin scam using his name
China s Xi intends to visit North Korea next year: South Korea
Junior partner says to stay in Bulgarian coalition after resignation
China reports new outbreaks of African swine fever in Jiangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and Shanghai,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0BS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0AT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0BU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG0BV
Thailand raises shipwreck that killed 47 tourists, hopes to restore confidence
As China-U.S. friction rises, their armies hold joint disaster drills
Protester killed in accident during French road blockades
3,000 people in anti-racism walk at Marina Bay
New programme launched to help Malay-Muslim drug offenders get back on their feet,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG09G,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG09H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG090,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG093,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG095,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG08T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG08X,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG09D,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG08H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG09F,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG08G
Customer who gave Japanese fast-food worker low attractiveness rating gets his just deserts
Rouhani sees Iran-Iraq trade rising to $20 billion/year from $12 billion: TV
German transport minister wants to welcome Uber, others by 2021,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG07U,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG07V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG080
Awards for Cham Tao Soon and Tan Gee Paw for their role in engineering profession
Argentine Navy submarine found a year after disappearing with 44 aboard,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG06S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG06U,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG06V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG06T
Sales of Yeo s drinks help net $30,000 for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
Ex-Trump strategist Bannon says to work with Hungary PM Orban: media,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG05R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG05S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04V
U.S. joins Australian plan to develop new Pacific naval base
The Big Read: From the boondocks to waterfront town, Punggol grapples with growing pains and traffic jams,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04I,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04K,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04Q,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG04L
Pence met with Taiwan s APEC envoy
U.S. Vice President Pence met with Taiwan s APEC envoy,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG047
All Year 1 poly and ITE students to take financial education module from 2019
Mexico s Lopez Obrador to hold new public consultation on policy platform,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG03F
Homeless man who helped thwart Australia attack charged with burglary, theft
Pence vows no end to trade action with China until it changes
China issues new delisting rules, to delist vaccine maker Changsheng
U.S. vice president vows no end to trade action with China until it changes,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG033,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG034
Harry Potter casts a spell on fans at Changi Airport s Wizarding World Holiday launch
Xi says world growth overshadowed by protectionism,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG02B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG028,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG029,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG02A,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG027,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG025,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG026
Hello Kitty-themed cottage set to open in Japan
CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince behind Khashoggi murder: reports
Russia warns against protectionism at APEC summit
Russia warns against protectionism at APEC summit
Malaysia, Australia at odds on free trade at APEC summit,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG00Y,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG003,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG004,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG00Z
Woman arrested in connection with hit-and-run which seriously injured Singaporean student in US
Indonesian woman who lost fiance in Lion Air crash pleads for safe planes
Bottles, chilli paste thrown as Sri Lanka parliament descends into farce
S P 500 buybacks set another quarterly record: S P Dow Jones
Australian PM urges global leaders to reject protectionism, embrace free trade,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG00I
Malaysia s prime minister says globalization needs fixing
Saudi ambassador denies telling Khashoggi to go to Turkey,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAG005
Top stories from The Straits Times on Saturday, Nov 17
Making heong peah the traditional way in a kiln
Destinations with views that are out of this world
CIA has concluded Saudi crown prince ordered journalist s killing: Washington Post
Colombian coroner says Odebrecht whistleblower died of heart attack,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1QF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1QE
Karey Burke to replace Channing Dungey as ABC Entertainment president
Russian ambassador to Finland summoned over GPS disruption
Ex-Trump strategist Bannon says EU is trying to thwart Brexit
Gubitosi seen as favorite to become Telecom Italia CEO: sources,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1P2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1NB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1O7
ST Now, News As It Happens - Nov 17, 2018
Cuban asylum seekers arrested in Trinidad and Tobago
Trying to make Yemen child smile like tickling a ghost : U.N. food chief,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1MN
Unicorns backing their own VCs? Blame it on liquidity
Productivity growth, industry indicators will show Future Economy Council s progress: Heng
NODX outperforms in October after disappointing in September
Singapore, US renew collaboration in infrastructure, cyber security
Noteholders and Fung Retailing extend lifeline to Toys R Us Asia
Accounting giant EY acquires Adelphi Digital Consulting Group
Startups: Finland s ray of light
May s Brexit deal won t get through parliament: former Brexit sec
Irish government extension talks need few more weeks: Deputy PM
Canada set to get most refugee claims in nearly three decades
Bombardier CEO meets investors as stock dives 21 percent
ST+ news with benefits,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1LZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1MA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1ME,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1LW
Polytechnics, ITE fees to go up for new students
Subsidies for social enterprise hawkers
New limits on loans from moneylenders to kick in soon
NUS team claims advance in skin cancer treatment
Trudeau drops by Adam Road for lime juice and chats
Cleaners lose out in bidding war for contracts
Yoga to twist it
Less rain expected in the next fortnight
Travel agents get more help to stay competitive, relevant
Proposals to beef up cyber defence span 3 levels of handling
Winner took on job against mum s wishes
SMU s longest-serving president honoured
Northern Irish businesses put pressure on DUP by backing Brexit deal
Quad leaders stress Asean s centrality in their Indo-Pacific visions
PM Lee, Pence vow to continue close security cooperation
Lease Buyback Scheme extension: Details likely ready by early 2019
Security officers can climb the ranks quicker from next year
SMRT being reshaped to improve its core business
13 new members for Future Economy Council
New subsidy to benefit 200 hawkers
Singapore, US pledge to enhance ties in energy, cyber security
Leaders stress need to heed global trade rules ahead of Apec meet
Mortar bombs fired at U.N. peacekeeping base in eastern Congo: sources
Firm assurances Yemen s warring parties will attend talks: U.N.
Bulgarian deputy prime minister Simeonov resigns,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1LL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1LO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1LJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1LK
U.S. Justice Dept denies exploring extradition of Erdogan foe to appease Turkey
Brazil markets cheered by pro-business make-up of Bolsonaro team
U.S. top diplomat thanks North Korea, Sweden for working to secure American s release
Crowds protest against former Slovak PM s attack on media
Erdogan, Trump agree all aspects of Khashoggi case must be uncovered: Turkish presidency
USDA terminates Chinese-owned Smithfield farm aid contract,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1KJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1KI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1KM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1KQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1K0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1K4
Brexit reversed: What is the path back from Brexit?
Ireland has no plans to prepare infrastructure for hard border: foreign minister
Trump says China wants trade deal, U.S. may not impose more tariffs
Merkel tells people of Chemnitz: Don t let haters set the agenda,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1I8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1H4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1JR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1JV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1JU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1JX
EU states offer Britain ambitious ties after Brexit, but no frictionless trade
Trump says China wants to make trade deal, U.S. may not impose more tariffs
Investors eye holiday sales for market salve
Oracle veteran Thomas Kurian to replace Diane Greene as Google Cloud CEO
Oracle veteran Thomas Kurian to replace Diane Greene as Google Cloud CEO
Twelve Congolese soldiers killed in clashes in Ebola-hit east
Migrants in Tijuana feel squeeze from both sides of U.S. border
Maltese PM says ready to quit if implicated in probe into mystery firm,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1HF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1HG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1HI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1HJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1GM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1GW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1H0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1GU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1HH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1I0
Airbus, Dassault finalizing bid for early work on new fighter jet
PG E options traders bet stock not out of the woods yet
Turkey sentences six people to life in prison for Istanbul airport attack: state news agency,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1EL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1DQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1EJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1EN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1EO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1E6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1E8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1E9
Bullfight tax row splits Portugal s ruling Socialists
EU alarmed by Turkish arrest of academics, activists
May s Brexit deal sparks defiance and divisions in unionist Belfast
UK PM May must weigh parliamentary procedure carefully before big EU vote -committee
Bemused EU eyes options for British Brexit meltdown
Sri Lanka president rejects Rajapaksa no-confidence vote: lawmaker
Canada s Trudeau uses Trump card to attack main political rival
Palladium zooms towards parity with gold for first time in 16 years,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1BH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1BT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1BX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF183,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1CR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1DI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1DO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1DL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1DP
Saudi Arabia defies U.S. pressure to end Qatar row after Khashoggi killing
The egos disbanded? Bridging the great advertising divide
Tesla starts taking Model 3 orders in China
Getting good financial advice to build your savings, investments
Agreed Brexit deal is only way to avoid hard border: Irish PM
UBS lures more money from U.S. super rich to Switzerland
Eat cake and burn fat: More keto-friendly food options as diet gains traction here,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF19E,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF19V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1A1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF19U,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF19B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF19C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF199,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF1AC
Delta defers 10 Airbus A350 jets, orders 10 A330neo: sources
U.S. manufacturing production rises steadily in October
Urban ranching: A socialist commune s response to Venezuela s crisis
PG E shares jump as regulator eases bankruptcy fears
Former Italy PM Berlusconi faces new trial over prostitution case
Germany s Schroeder warns against demonizing China
Volkswagen expects to be the most profitable maker of electric cars
Delta confirms new A330neo order, defers delivery of 10 A350s
Tesla starts Model 3 orders in China
Factbox: Where the EU has made concessions in Brexit talks
More than a quarter of Future Economy Council members are 4G leaders,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF16N,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF15J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF162,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF16E,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF16H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF16L,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF16O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF15Y,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF17T,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF187
Dollar index hits one-week low on Fed officials cautious comments
Dutch PM Rutte: NATO remains cornerstone of European defense
Wall Street opens lower as Nvidia hammers tech stocks
Number of letters to oust UK PM May might not be known until Monday: BBC
Loved ones mourn Khashoggi after Riyadh seeks to execute five suspects,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13U,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13L,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13S,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF13V
Flurry of questions on hawker centres when Parliament sits on Monday
UK eurosceptic ministers to unite around new Brexit backstop stance: The Telegraph
Supply glut mars Turing effect for Nvidia shares
Take Five: Black Friday shoppers to Brexit wreckage, world markets themes for the week ahead
Tada picking up in popularity as commuters hunt for fare savings,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF10J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF10O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF10P,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF10N,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0ZW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0ZV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF10R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0ZT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF10Z
Threshold for calling confidence vote in UK PM May has nearly been met: eurosceptic lawmaker
U.S. peace envoy seeks to reassure Kabul it won t be blocked from talks
Cyclone Gaja makes landfall in south India, kills 11 people
Israeli media reports early elections likely in Israel
Brexit front and middle in light week for data
UK PM May would survive a vote of confidence, deputy says,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0V8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0VA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0VB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0VC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0VD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0VF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0VE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0ZB
After three months at SMRT’s helm, a CEO’s reflections
More initiatives to help travel agents stay relevant
Throw the book at him: Sri Lanka parliament descends into farce
UK s Fox says a deal is better than no-deal Brexit
Mission Impossible powers Viacom results beat
German far-right leader attacks media over donations scandal
U.S. investigators approach Deutsche Bank, BofA, JPM in Danske probe: Bloomberg
Russia stifled mobile network during protests: document,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0XP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0WP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0XX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0W7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0W9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0WA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0W1,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0W8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0WC
Business has got behind draft divorce deal with EU: UK PM May s spokeswoman
India s Modi embraces Maldives as new leader takes office, China out of favor
Japan s MUFG the leading bidder for DVB s aviation finance - sources
Harry Potter casts a spell on fans at Wizarding World Holiday launch at Changi Airport
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau a descendant of Raffles Institution s first headmaster
30 years jail for father who sexually abused his daughters,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0V3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0U6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0U3
Are you ready for the nanoinfluencers?
Social enterprise hawker centres to receive dishwashing subsidies for next two years: NEA
Russia may take actions to protect its vessels in Azov Sea: Kremlin
Top UK court says to consider government appeal in Brexit reversal case
U.S. to oppose U.N. Golan resolution, wins Israeli praise
China s Xi makes push into P scores own goal with block on media
UK PM May will face no confidence vote next week: Telegraph reporter
Germany preparing for all possible Brexit scenarios: ministry
Tractor maker Deere aims to ride green revolution in Africa
Kremlin says Japan s obligations to allies important in Pacific island talks
UK s Gove says he has confidence in PM May,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0PS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0Q3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0RE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0RF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0RD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0QL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0SF,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0QG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0QK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0QX
Jail, fine for woman who received benefits of criminal conduct totalling almost $800k
U.S. envoy to Japan defends trade policies, say not protectionist
U.S. envoy to Japan defends trade policies, say not protectionist
At least 42 feared dead in Zimbabwe bus fire
Indonesian woman who lost fiance in Lion Air crash pleads for safe planes
Bangladesh confident Rohingya will be returned
Indonesian teen who lost legs after 36-hour quake ordeal stays strong
Mother, son in Indonesia arrested for selling fake marriage certificates
Man in Thailand drowns in concrete jar at home
Japan cyber security minister admits shunning PCs, doesn t know what a USB drive is
Transsexual Japanese man shares experiences of parenthood
Japanese, South Korean trawlers collide in Sea of Japan, 13 rescued
Sri Lanka has no PM or Cabinet after no-confidence vote: Speaker
North Korean defectors see uncertain future in Korean reconciliation
Cubs of Indian tiger shot in controversial hunt spotted alive
North Korea tests high-tech new weapon : KCNA
Taiwan s notebook boy commits his memories in writing
Face off: Realistic masks made in Japan find demand from tech, car companies
Rohingya crisis besieges Suu Kyi at Singapore summit
Doctor accused of raping patient, $2,100 offer rejected
Myanmar holds 106 suspected Rohingya Muslims aboard boat
Philippines court defers Marcos arrest after her graft conviction
Indonesian woman gets jail after exposing philandering boss
11 killed as Cyclone Gaja ravages Indian coast
Lion Air passengers change planes because of broken air conditioning,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0OQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0OS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0OT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0OM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0P4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE22Y,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0PC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0PH
Stallholders at social enterprise-run hawker centres to pay only 50 per cent of dishwashing costs with help from NEA
Nintendo bets new Hex-Nut Pokemon will boost Switch console sales
BlackBerry to buy cybersecurity firm Cylance for $1.4 billion
Hong Kong s growth outlook clouded by trade war, rate hikes
U.N. expert group leaves Hungary in row over migrant camp access
Volkswagen CEO to take responsibility for China business: source
Factbox: Who has submitted letters of no confidence in UK PM May?
UK s Gove won t resign over PM May s Brexit plan: reports
Dealing with the evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0LC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0M0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0M4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0KR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0LZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0MA
Expect less rain in next fortnight but inter-monsoon conditions to persist: Weatherman
No deep-seated cultural issues at SMRT, says its new CEO Neo Kian Hong
Faster promotions and higher mid-career entry ranks for security industry
British PM May refuses to rule out free vote on Brexit deal
Weak credit growth raises odds of first China rate cut in years
Malaysia gas exports severely hit by output disruption since second quarter -finance minister
Weak credit growth raises odds of first China rate cut in years
Philippines says nine suspended mines can resume if conditions met
Enough letters to trigger vote of no confidence in PM May: BrexitCentral editor
T-Mobile says Sprint deal may close as early as first quarter next year
Czech PM Babis says will never resign over investigation
Indian airport protesters block woman activist s plan to enter hill temple
SAP expects to expand margins after Qualtrics deal: CFO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0IH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0IW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0IX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0IQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0J2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0J9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0JJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0JP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0JQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0K2
China woman jumps onto train track as joke, unaware train arriving
SIA flight delayed nearly 4 hours after being diverted to Paya Lebar Airbase
New polytechnic and ITE students to pay higher tuition fees in 2019
Winner of top social worker award went against mother s wish for her to become a teacher
SMRT to be reorg new engineering group to be formed
UK s Gove declines comment when asked about supporting PM May
North Korean official in South demands Japan compensate for war crimes
Turkey says will not link fate of U.S.-based cleric to Khashoggi,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0FY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0GP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0GZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0H3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0HP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0HQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0HD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0HK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0HO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0HB
Unmarried women in China go to US to freeze eggs
Miss Universe Malaysia hopes to sail through finals in Bangkok
Brexit divorce deal thrusts UK PM May into biggest crisis of premiership
Thailand third quarter growth seen slowing as tourism, exports cool
UK parliament will vote down May s Brexit deal, Davis says
Rolls-Royce continuing with Brexit contingency plans: CEO
Papua New Guinea governor raises prospect of problems for Australia-funded navy base
Fugitive on run escapes from Hong Kong police by climbing through ceiling in hospital washroom – a day after they recapture him,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0EH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0EU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0EW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0FF
Dozens of first-graders suffer serious burns and eye damage after exposure to UV light for nine hours
New polytechnic and ITE students to pay more tuition fees next year
Man assaulted two victims who suffered skull fractures in separate incidents
2 Singaporeans fined S$980 each for illegally entering Malaysia
8 militants nabbed in anti-terror swoops in Malaysia
Turkish police detain academics in probe of prominent rights activist: media
France preparing transport and customs measures in case of no-Brexit deal
North Korea to deport U.S. citizen detained since October: state news agency
Italy s budget openly challenging EU budget rules: Dombrovskis
The quintessential guide to Mortal Engines
NEA to subsidise cost of centralised dishwashing service at 7 new hawker centres
Number of missing in California fire jumps past 600 as death toll rises to 63,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0D6,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0CK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0D4
Never say never: Joseph Schooling not ruling out entering politics one day
Never say never: Joseph Schooling not ruling out entering politics one day
Japan s Abe lays wreath at Australian war site in symbolic gesture
VW s supervisory board eyes multi-billion electrification plan
Thai proposal for all-powerful cyber agency alarms businesses, activists
Cleaner who raped factory worker, 62, gets 18 years jail and 24 strokes of the cane,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0AO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0BD,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0B3,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF0B1
New Zealand police seize 190 kg of cocaine hidden in banana shipment
U.S. prosecutors get indictment against Wikileaks Assange: court document
Former Khmer Rouge officials found guilty of genocide
Over 100 suspected Rohingya Muslims arrested aboard boat in Yangon, official says
Southeast Asia stocks: Climb on hopes of Sino-U.S. trade spat thaw,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF06H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF07K,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF07L,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF07I,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF07M
Details of Lease Buyback Scheme extension should be ready early next year: Lawrence Wong
Eight arrested by Malaysian police for involvement in terror activities
Sterling gripped by Brexit yen enjoys safety bid
Indonesia to strengthen rules on repatriating revenue from resource exports
Malaysia third quarter GDP grows 4.4 percent year on year, slowing for fourth quarter
Japan PM tells Putin no U.S. bases on disputed isles if handed over: Asahi
Philippines court defers Marcos arrest after her graft conviction
Stricter loan caps for licensed moneylending to kick in at the end of November
Police warn against buying and importing airsoft and stun guns following several incidents,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF05L,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF05O,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF05U,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF062
‘I don’t really want to work for Facebook.’ So say some computer science students.
Female genital mutilation part of our culture: Malaysia
Viral video exposes shoddy cleaning practices at 14 luxury hotels in China
This luxury hotel is clean, right? Guess again
Son attacks dad with parang after he was not allowed to use motorcycle
China s U-turn on market curbs brings back the speculators
Australia, Malaysia at loggerheads over possible Jerusalem embassy
Pence says South China Sea doesn t belong to any one nation
China s Xi promises support to Papua New Guinea amid regional tension
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drops by Adam Road Food Centre for lime juice,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF04W,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF04Y,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF04C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF05B,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF058,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF05A,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF04Z
David Hockney overtakes Jeff Koons as most expensive living artist with $124m painting
Trump s summit no-show draws Asian nations closer together
PM Lee, US Vice-President Pence reaffirm Singapore-US ties
US couple, homeless man charged in GoFundMe scam
New Zealand police seize 190 kg of cocaine hidden in banana shipment
Love will prevail : Costa Rica s same-sex couples can marry in 2020
Australia s bank chiefs to face the music as misconduct inquiry wraps up
U.S. says confident North Korean promises will be fulfilled, despite weapons test,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF03J,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF03F,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF03K,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF03H,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF03I,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF03G
Female genital mutilation part of Malaysian culture: Government
Model Bella Hadid donates $13,800 to California wildfires disaster relief
Woman in Malaysia duped out of $1,600 after filling in survey form
Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says
Brexit deal: Who wants to be Britain s next prime minister?
Newly assertive Melania Trump puts the first back in First Lady
Waste not: South Africa makes world s first human urine brick
Friends star lookalike arrested in UK after manhunt goes viral
Premier League set to use VAR from next season
Lion Air crash victim s father files US lawsuit against Boeing
Ready for the real world,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF02S
Hyundai Motor Group says appoints head of China business unit
Sterling reels on deepening Brexit yen gains
Trump s summit no-show draws Asian nations closer together
Trump s summit no-show draws Asian nations closer together,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF02M,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF025,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF02B
Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says
Chinese government official in hot water after missing phone calls
തമിഴ് രാഷ്ട്രീയത്തെ ചൂട് പിടിപ്പിക്കുന്ന ‘സർക്കാർ
MVL launches Tada taxi service, promises same zero commission
Oil prices stable on expected OPEC cuts, but surging U.S. supply drags
Oil prices stable on expected OPEC cuts, but surging U.S. supply drags
Ready for the real world
Vivian Balakrishnan shares reflections on children as youngest son finishes primary school
Duo posed as robbery victims to extend stay in Singapore,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF01V,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF01X
Actress-model wins The New Paper New Face on second try
New jury fails to reach verdict in J J South Carolina talc cancer trial
Couple and homeless man behind viral GoFundMe campaign are charged with conspiracy
Sterling scarred by Brexit t Asia shares cling to trade hopes
Sterling scarred by Brexit t Asia shares cling to trade hopes
China offers Myanmar support over Rohingya issue after U.S. rebuke
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau traces family links to Singapore at Fort Canning Park
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drops by Adam Road for lime juice,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF01E,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF018,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF01C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF01F,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF014
Boeing hit with what may be first US suit over Lion Air crash
9 more report falling ill after eating Spize Restaurant bento boxes,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF013,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAF00P
Singapore October exports up 8.3%, exceeds expectations
As Duterte takes ‘power naps’, 93-year-old Dr M says never skips meetings
Kim Jong-un says new tactical weapon is display of defense capabilities to the whole region : KCNA
Two Argentines with suspected ties to Hezbollah arrested ahead of G20,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE238,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE239
North Korea Kim Jong Un says new tactical weapon is display of defense capabilities to the whole region : KCNA
Pentagon report on Turkey s F-35 program delivered to Congress
Tory deal with DUP over unless UK PM May replaced: Daily Telegraph
California judge orders next Monsanto weed-killer cancer trial for March
Lion Air crash victim s father files U.S. lawsuit against Boeing
Exit of Flipkart CEO adds to fears in Corporate India about sexual misconduct
A slew of electric truck plans may deliver the goods for China s EV ambitions
Securities watchdog asks Bombardier to halt exec share sales plan,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1YL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1Y5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1YJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1YY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1ZK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE20C,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1Z8
TODAY s morning brief for Friday, Nov 16
TODAY s morning brief for Friday, Nov 16
Top stories from The Straits Times on Friday, Nov 16
ST Now, News As It Happens - Nov 16, 2018
North Korea state media says Kim oversees testing of newly developed weapon: Yonhap
U.S. senator to query Facebook about report on treatment of critics
Apple partners with Oscar-winning movie studio A24 for feature films
Intel adds $15 billion to its buyback program
Bankrupt Sears wins court approval for plans to sell stores
Merkel s aspiring successors stress common ground in first debate
Mexico overturns law meant to regulate troops in drug war,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1VN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1VJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1XW
Hung out to dry: Laundry day in the heartlands
GrabPay wallets to allow instant remittance overseas
MVL Foundation unveils cab-booking app TADA Taxi
Govt can t be hands off about the property cycle
Placements beat rights as companies take quickest route to funds
October new private home sales fall, rebound seen this month on new launches
Opportunities for growth abound despite tensions
SGX: No basis to suspend voluntary delistings amid consultation
PM Lee confident RCEP deal can be inked in 2019
Russian sovereign wealth fund courts more Singapore investors
Govt policies, talent pipelines key to success: poll
Oxford Islamic scholar Ramadan offered bail in France rape case
USTR Lighthizer denies he said China tariffs on hold
Erich Hampel to step down as chair of UniCredit Bank Austria
USTR Lighthizer denies he said China tariffs on hold,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1T8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1TL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1TG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1T5,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1TX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1T0
Actress-model wins The New Paper New Face on second try
Scoot s move timely but could affect SIA group integration
Spize food poisoning: Number of cases hits 81
Cleaners to get at least 2 weeks pay as bonus from 2020
New trilateral pact won t affect trade talks with China: Trudeau
Fibre services to be fully restored by early today, says NetLink Trust
Asean Plus Three leaders pledge to tackle healthcare challenges
Apec key to signalling value of multilateral trade system: PM Lee
India urged to join Asean in push for RCEP next year
Asean must seize digital opportunity: PM
Duo posed as robbery victims to extend stay in S pore
Pence seeks Indo-Pacific where all nations thrive
Trudeau traces family links to Singapore at Fort Canning
Where does all your rubbish go?
Thailand assumes Asean chairmanship amid challenges
Legal giant Rajah Tann Asia launches digital unit
PSLE results to be released next Thursday
Singapore delegation to attend summit in Papua New Guinea
Record $7.4b wagered on lotteries, sports
NTU gets $4m gift from late philanthropic couple
Asean must strive to remain cohesive amid global tensions: PM Lee
Summit with Velloor: Fresh hope, new fears as Asean and East Asia summits end
TWG Tea and founder tussle over domain name
Record $7.4b spent on sports bets, lotteries
East Asia Summit members to boost security cooperation
Scoot switching from Terminal 2 to T1 next year
From fried duck to unicorn, businesses benefit from open borders
Exclusive: China offer unlikely to spur major trade war breakthrough - senior U.S. official
Tesla slashes prices on home solar systems to spur sales
Canada welcomes U.S. sanctions on Saudis, weighs similar action
Yemeni father mourns baby girl who died of starvation
U.S. imposes sanctions for Khashoggi killing, Saudis seek death penalty
U.S. Justice Department to curb bid-rigging in government purchases
Troubled Greek jeweler Folli Follie seeks bankruptcy protection,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1S4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1SB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1RZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1SJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1RM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1SY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1RW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1RU
PG E s stock deepens slump as wildfire fans liability fears
Climate change, steel, migration bedevil G20 communique
U.S. pilots union warns of possible safety deficiency in Boeing 737 MAX
Czechs protest against PM Babis, coalition partner may quit government
U.S. eyes possible ways to remove Erdogan foe to appease Turkey: NBC,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1Q7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1QA,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1R7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1R8,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1R9,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1RB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1RH
Pentagon to cut hundreds of troops in Africa as U.S. focuses on China, Russia
Factbox: Who are the Saudis under the spotlight over Khashoggi s killing?
How Britain s Raab tripped on Barnier s staircase
U.S. sanctions 17 Saudis over killing of journalist Khashoggi
Facebook identifies 2.1 million posts as bullying
USTR says next tranche of U.S. tariffs on imports from China on hold: FT
Wells Fargo plans to cut 1,000 positions in U.S.: spokesperson
USTR says next tranche of U.S. tariffs on imports from China on hold - Financial Times
U.N. Palestinian aid agency narrows funding gap after Trump exit,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1P0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1PE,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1PW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1PX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1PY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1OR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1DC
Tesla to deliver new Model 3 orders by year end
Tele2 says Dutch business not viable before EU rules on Deutsche Telekom deal
Automaker groups warn U.S. tariffs will undermine new NAFTA deal
BMW says preparing for no-deal Brexit given political uncertainty
French court to rule on $6 billion UBS trial on February 20
Facebook identifies 2.1 million posts as bullying
Ocado sees deal opportunities in Europe, Asia, Australia
UK s May likens her Brexit resolve to cricketer Geoff Boycott
Factbox: Who wants to be Britain s next prime minister?,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1MX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1O2,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1MH,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1NB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1NK,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1NT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1NP,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1O7,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1MB,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1MR
Seven peacekeepers die in clashes near Ebola-hit part of east Congo
Finland says GPS signal disruption during NATO war games came from Russia
Expatriates not protected enough by draft Brexit deal: rights groups
British PM May vows to fight for her Brexit deal and carry on
UK PM May: no-one has produced alternatives to my Brexit plan,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1L0,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1LS,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1LQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1LU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1LW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1LP
FCC OKs SpaceX, TeleSat Canada bids to expand satellite-based internet service
Get out : some Mexico border residents reject migrant arrivals
Chechen leader s Instagram account briefly unblocked
Chile president vows to probe fatal shooting of indigenous Mapuche man
EU: Tanzanian government pressure on its envoy forced his recall to Brussels - statement
Netanyahu faces snap election calls after defense minister quits,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JU,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JW,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JM,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JO,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JT,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JV,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1JX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1IV
Four Malawian U.N. peacekeepers killed in Congo: Malawi Defence Force
Explainer: Unraveling the Boeing 737 MAX Lion Air crash
Morocco inaugurates Africa s fastest train,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1FR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1FX,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1FN,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1FI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1EG,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1EI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1EF
UK s Gove wants to renegotiate Brexit: Telegraph reporter
Upset over fish, France leads EU criticism of draft Brexit deal
China Southern to quit SkyTeam, strengthen American partnership,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1DR,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1DQ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1DI,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1D4,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1DJ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1DL
U.S. retail sales rebound on autos, building materials
Saudi crown prince has absolutely nothing to do with Khashoggi murder: foreign minister,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1CM
Wall Street opens lower as mixed retail results, growth stocks weigh,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE15F,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1AY,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1AZ,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1CL,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE1B2
Property prices would have gone up by up to 15 per cent in 2018 without cooling measures: Lawrence Wong
European court says Kremlin critic Navalny was a political prisoner
Nine more report falling ill after eating Spize Restaurant bento boxes
Dollar index holds rise after U.S. October retail sales data
Upset by Trump s Iran waivers, Saudis push for deep oil output cut
UK lawmakers have not yet submitted enough letters to trigger PM May confidence vote: BBC
Eurosceptic Rees-Mogg: Number of no confidence letters in UK PM May growing
UK PM May could be replaced in weeks rather than months: Rees-Mogg
Financier of Islamic State paid money to rebel group in eastern Congo: report
UK s Gove turns down Brexit secretary job: Evening Standard
Germany: We are part of the way toward an orderly Brexit
U.S. import prices increase more than expected in October
China-designed UK nuclear reactor plan clears second assessment stage
Swedish Centre leader to seek common ground for government: Speaker
Spain says has contingency plans in case of no-deal Brexit
Pakistan PM orders probe after policeman found dead in Afghanistan
Macron braces for motorist revolt on France s highways
UK junior minister Burt asks colleagues not to submit no confidence letters in PM May
Adviser to Turkey s Erdogan says Saudi Arabia trying to cover up Khashoggi murder,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE18R,2018:newsml_LYNXNPEEAE18Y
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